Influencer Reward Program

$ Share Realmoji with your friends and followers and make some real money with us while doing it $

Help us make Realmoji known to the world!

The Realmoji influencer reward program is available for all kinds of influencers, bloggers, and vloggers, we have space for everybody. We work with gaming influencers, comedy influencers, tech bloggers/vloggers, travel bloggers/vloggers, photographers, sport & fitness influencers, beauty influencers, actors, and actresses.

How to make money with Realmoji

The structure of our program is very simple. It all starts by signing up for our influencer reward program. Once signed up, you’ll have access to your personal rewards admin panel, where you’ll find all promotional tools to start promoting the Realmoji app. We’ll provide you with the guidance and tools to be most effective. Also included in your personal admin panel is a statistical overview of all your personal earnings.

How does it work?

Every time you create a video in our app and share this with your audience, there is a possibility you’ll make some money. When a follower decides to give our app a go and they want to move to a premium membership, you’ll receive a share of the membership fee.  And that’s not all, because on average our users are premium members for +/- 4 months,  and you’ll continue to receive a share of the membership fee every month. This because we strongly believe in the sharing is receiving principle.

Reward program

  • We pay 25% commission over total net* recurring monthly revenue.
    (*Net revenue is total revenue minus the 30% Apple fee)

Realmoji premium membership facts

  • Our Realmoji premium membership costs 4$ per month
  • The average membership duration per user is +/- 4 months

Example calculation

Let’s say you have 1000 users who purchase a premium Realmoji membership:

  • 1.000 users x 4$ = 4.000$
  • 4.000$ x 4 months membership duration = 16.000$ is your total revenue
  • 16.000$ – 4800$ (30% Apple revenue) =  11.200$ is your net revenue
  • 11.200$ x 25% reward program payout commission = 2.800$ earned

$ a 1000 users earns you a +/- 2800$ net commission earnings $

We pay our influencers every first week of the new month, via Paypal or bank transfer. The minimum payout is 50$, if you don’t reach this threshold in the first month, we’ll continue to carry it over until you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Interested in our influencer reward program, send an email to Tim(@)

We are happy to further explain any details if needed and we hope to have you onboard to make Realmoji known to the world.

Best regards,
Realmoji Team

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